About Us

My wife and I started Manlemars in 2023 and we handcraft the most unique rings using Damascus Steel, Tungsten, Meteorite, Opal, and Gold Leaf. I'm a product designer with a passion for crafting, travel, and the outdoors. My wife is a jewelry designer and loves music, photography, and food. I'm obsessed with the starry sky, which is where most of my design inspiration comes from. I am someone who breaks the rules and believes in freedom, and I hope the rings I design do the same. I really love what I'm doing now and want to keep doing it and I'm so excited when I design a ring myself and make it.

We are a handmade ring workshop with a team of 8 people. Manlemars are a unique team with a passion for challenging the ordinary and making every day extraordinary. We take freedom, hard work, and fun as the core of our culture, and we have the courage and confidence to realize our dreams. We offer a hassle-free wedding ring shopping experience, with a wide selection of metals to choose from, each with unique benefits. Our mission is to break the mold and make buying a ring easy and stress-free while ensuring a buying experience our customers respect and love.