Manlemars Ring Sizer

When you are not sure about your ring size, please select the "Send me a Ring Sizer First" sizing option on the product page when ordering to receive a free Manlemars ring sizer. Once you receive your ring sizer, please email your ring size to contact@manlemars.com and I will start making and shipping it to you as soon as possible.

Follow the ring sizer in sequence to find the perfect ring size for you.

  • Open the small ring chain to find the right size ring for your finger.
  • Use the emergency test to ensure a secure fit - just wave your hand to see if it stays in place.
  • Wear it for hours. If it is not loose and very comfortable, you will find your standard size.

* Wear it for work and play all day to make sure it's comfortable and fits you.

If you need to measure your finger size faster, print our instant paper ring sizer. But not as accurate as our Manlemars ring sizer, cut out the sizer and start measuring!

Print and follow the instructions to calibrate the sizer.
Cut out the paper sizer. Cut the small slit below the Manlemars logo.
Wrap the sizer around the largest part of your finger and thread the smaller end through the slit. Pull it taut and reveal the closest dimension fully visible through the slit.
* Repeat this process 2-3 times to ensure an accurate reading.

Once you're confident with your body type, come back and pick a band that's as unique as you are.

How to get the right size?

Because personal preference for how a ring should fit varies from person to person, the ring will be made to the measurements you provide us. It is your responsibility to carefully determine your ring size and please double-check the size options you select on your ring before placing your order.

While we offer printable paper ring sizers, the most accurate way to get your ring size is to choose one of our ring sizers. The sizer is free when ordered with the ring, and shipping is free. Once an order is placed, sizers are usually shipped the next business day.

When sizing your ring, you should experience some resistance when removing it. When removing the ring sizer, bend your knuckles slightly and twist. If you try to pull it straight back over the knuckle, it will catch on the skin and not give an accurate measurement. We also recommend wearing the meter for a while and trying to take it on and off multiple times throughout the day to see how it feels as your finger size changes.

If your finger is largest at the base, the ring should fit snugly at the base of your finger without making a dent. If your fingers are largest at the knuckles, you should be able to put it on and take it off easily, but you may have to twist the ring once or twice to get it off.

If you are new to wearing your ring, it may feel a little tight. However, a ring that is too loose may fall off and be lost.

The size of your fingers can change throughout the day due to temperature and activity. The time of year can also affect the fit of your ring. In the summer, the ring will fit tighter and in the winter, the ring will fit looser.

Once you receive the sizer and know your size, you can send an email to contact@manlemars.com to let us know what size you need, and once your ring size is confirmed, we will start hand-making it for you as soon as possible. Please note that most of our rings are completed within 1-2 weeks after we know your ring size.